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Terms of use and privacy policy.

This article describes the privacy policy and the terms of use of this site. If you don’t agree with them, please don’t use it. By continuing to use this site, you agree that you read and understand the terms of use and agree with this privacy policy.

  • 1. Who we are. is a small site, which belongs to an individual and is run on non-commercial basis for personal purposes only. The owner sometimes utilizes the pronoun “we” to represent to position of the site, however currently at the moment it is run by one person with a help of technical assistance team. is dedicated to the industry of entertainment. The owner writes about movies, video and tabletop games, cartoons. The site is based on the territory of the Russian Federation and the owner acts in accordance with the Russian laws. All data collected from users is stored on a server, located in Russia in full compliance with Russian laws. is not financed by any government or governmental organizations and is fully independent. The owner respects privacy of the Internet users and acts accordingly. All data is stored with full respect to GDPR and its provisions. The owner does not collect private information for further reselling or exchanging with commercial entities or non-commercial bodies unless he is obliged to do so by a law or unless it’s specified by conditions of this privacy policy described below.

If you want the owner to delete any personal information that he stores about you, you can e-mail him to and he’ll do it if possible.

  • 2. Data that the site collects.

The site’s software collects automatically your private information including your IP address, type of browser and type of operation system, date and time of visit, web-page address from which you came from and to which you came to from our site, web-pages addresses that you access during the visit and information about your interaction with the content of the site. By using this site, you give the owner the full consent to process this data.

  • 3. Terms of storage.

The owner stores private information for as long as it seems necessary to him but no longer then for two years after the moment of the last visit of the unique user. This means that if two years have passed since your last visit to this site you may be sure that all data was deleted from the storage.

  • 4. Third-party services and their special conditions of storing unique private data.

The owner uses Yandex.Metrica and Google Analytics to track users’ frequency of visits of this site, see demographic profile of the users to better understand their needs, use this information in the future for presenting reports for potential advertisers, (which would contain only impersonal data), check the load on the site to configure it in a right way and make sure that all functions of the site work properly. If you want to disable these services, you may turn them off by installing special add-ons to your browser. Read more about this in our Cookies policy.

Please note that cookies stored in accordance with Google Analytics and Yandex.Metrica policies have their own terms of duration, which are described on official pages of these services. Read more about it here: and

The owner also uses Disqus for communicating with users. Disqus has its own privacy policy, which can be found here: In addition to it, you may be interested in reading their terms and policies, which can be found here: In short, Disqus has its own trackers and may collect your personal data independently from this site each time you visit it. Please, note and accept this if you want to use this site.

  • 5. This site is only for these who 18 years old or older.

In order to use this site you must be 18 years old or older. If you have not reached this age, please don’t visit it.

  • 6. Personal data and how it is used.

The owner uses personal data to check the load on server, adapt the server to influx of visitors, configure it for the optimal work, protect the site from cyber attacks, gather statictics about the viewed pages, optimize the site for the comfortable work, tailor the functionality of the site, gather information about the visitors to adapt the content to their needs and expectations. The owner does not use personal data for targeting advertisement, does not exchange it with government or other bodies unless a law obliges him to do so. He does not use this information to identify you in real life or find out who you are. The owner may use the data for creating impersonal data representation for the potential customers who will advertise with him in the future, when the site will cease to be non-commercial or provide this information to scientific organizations for research purposes. This information will not include IP-addresses or any other information that is considered personal, however it may include the information about total amount of views of this site, the most visited pages for any given period of time or information about the number of visitors from a certain country. In other words while personal information will not be shared with scientific organizations or clients who wish to advertise with the owner, it may be turning into impersonal information from which it’s impossible to identify you and this impersonal information may be transferred to third-party organizations.

  • 7. Interaction with personal data between the owner and the user.

Since the server is located in Russia and the owner is the citizen of the Russian Federation, he acts in accordance with the Russian laws, mainly the Federal law # 152 On personal data. You can read it here: If you wish to contact the owner about the deletion of private data stored on the server, where the data is stored, inquire about it or understand the terms of processing the user’s inquiries, please read this section of user’s agreement.

  • 7.1. By using this site, you give consent to the processing of personal data, described in the paragraph 2 of this terms of use and privacy policy agreement.
  • 7.2. Consent to the processing of personal data may be withdrawn by the personal data subject with the exception of cases described by paragraph 2 of Article 9 of the Federal law # 152 On personal data.
  • 7.3. You may fill the request to provide the personal data to you or to your representative to learn which data the owner collected on you. The request shall contain the number of the principal identification document of the personal data subject or of his legal representative, information as to the date of issue of that document and the body which issued it, information evidencing the personal data subject’s relationship with the operator (number of contract, date of conclusion of contract, reference designation and (or) other information) or information which otherwise confirms the processing of the personal data by the operator, and the signature of the personal data subject or of his representative. A request may be sent in the form of an electronic document and signed with an electronic signature in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation (paragraph 3, article 14, the Federal law # 152 On personal data).
  • 7.4. If you withdraw your consent to the processing of personal data, the owner of this site is obliged to cease the processing of the personal data and, if the personal data no longer need to be kept for the purposes of the processing of the personal data, to destroy the personal data within a period not exceeding thirty days from the date of receipt of the above-mentioned withdrawal, unless otherwise provided by a contract to which you are a party or under which you are a beneficiary or surety or by another agreement between the owner and you or unless the owner has the right to process the personal data without your consent on grounds provided for in Federal Law # 152 or other federal laws of the Russian Federation.
  • 8. Amendments

The provisions of this page may be altered at any period of time. The users will be notified with a pop-up message or by announcement in the news page. The owner will leave the right to modify any part of the terms of use and the privacy policy as the laws change and the situation requires from him to do so.

Our cookies policy.

Cookies are special files, stored at any device, which is used to browse the Internet. Cookies are automatically generated by software and are gathered by majority of Internet sites to improve the personal experience of users and help them to navigate the site. Cookies collect information, which allows site owners to provide certain kind of services to users.

This site is no exception and also collects and stores cookies. This cookie policy describes how it does it, why it does it and what to do if you don’t want the site to collect them.

  • 1. Cookies that are stored at your device.

The site stores cookies of several kinds: essential cookies, which are needed to properly display the site and its content and analytics cookies, which are needed to gather statistics about viewed pages. Here is a brief but detailed description of what each kind of cookies does:

  • 1.1. Essential cookies allow to remember the viewed pages, resolution of displayed pictures, characteristics of site and the state of visit. These cookies are needed for proper functioning of the site and without them services are provided but can’t be guaranteed. The owner highly encourages not to remove these cookies and keep them on your device. However if you want to disable cookies, see “2. Disabling cookies”
  • 1.2. Analytics cookies allow to gather information about visited pages, traffic to site, amount of viewers visited our site and the amount of time spent on each page. Google Analytics and Yandex.Metrica are used to track this information. For more details, please visit:
  • 2. Disabling cookies.

You can disable cookies in the settings of your browser. Please visit F.A.Q. or Support pages for browsers that you use to further determine which cookies you want to disable for collection or learn how to delete them.

You may disable analytics cookies by turning down the option to collect them. For that, you need to install a special plugin on your browser and activate it. Please visit and to install add-ons. Please note that these add-ons were developed by third-party corporations and the owner can’t guarantee their full and efficient work.

  • 3. Information that cookie collect:

Cookies may collect information about characteristics of your operational system, browser that you use, settings of the site.

  • 4. The longevity of storing cookies

The cookies are stored for the period not exceeding two years after the last visit of the user who attended our site. Cookies can be deleted earlier by using settings of your browser (see F.A.Q. or Support pages for doing this).

If you have any questions, please visit for more information.