Cookie policy

Our cookie policy.

Cookies – are special files, stored at any device, which is used to browse the internet. Cookies are automatically generated by software and are gathered by majority of internet sites to improve the personal experience of users and help them to navigate the site. Cookies collect information, which allows site owners to provide certain kind of services to users.

Our site is no exception and we also collect and store cookies. This cookie policy describes how we do it, why we do it and what to do if you don’t want us to collect them.

  1. Cookies that are stored at your device.

We store cookies of several kinds: essential cookies, which are needed to properly display the site and its content, analytics cookies, which are needed to gather statistics about viewed pages and ad services cookies which are needed to display the advertisement and store information about viewed advertisement banners on your device. Here is a brief but detailed description of what each kind of cookies does:

  1. Essential cookies allow to keep track of viewed pages, resolution of displayed pictures, characteristics of site and the state of visit. These cookies are needed for proper functioning of the site and without them services are provided but can’t be guaranteed. We highly encourage not to remove these cookies and keep them on your device. However if you want to disable cookies, see “2. Disabling cookies”
    1.  Analytics cookies allow to gather information about visited pages, traffic to site, amount of viewers visited our site and the amount of time spent on each page. We use Google Analytics and Yandex.Metrica to track this information. For more details, please visit:,,
    1. Advertisement cookies allow to gather information about viewed advertisement banners, clicks on it and pages loaded after that. These are not essential files and may be removed from device at any given time.
  • Disabling cookies.

You can disable cookies in the settings of your browser. Please visit F.A.Q. or Support pages for browsers that you use to further determine which cookies you want to disable for collection or learn how to delete them.

You may disable analytics cookies by turning down the option to collect them. For that, you need to install a special plugin on your browser and activate it. Please visit and to install add-ons. Please note that these add-ons were developed by third-party corporations and we can’t guarantee their full and efficient work.

  • Information that cookie collect:

Cookies may collect information about your IP address, characteristics of your operational system, browser that you use, settings of site

  • The longevity of storing cookies.

The cookies are stored for the period not exceeding two years after the last visit of the user who attended our site. Cookies can be deleted earlier by sending us a request in accordance with our Terms of usage policy.

If you have any questions, please visit for more information.