Ability to replay a mission is a feature that every single-player game should have.


Among all traits, that any particular game may have the most important one is the ability to replay any mission or a level after its full completion. In the past many video games provided this opportunity to players, nowadays this feature is rarely seen. Shank, Hitman: Blood Money, Saints Row 2, Total Overdose – this is not the full list of games supporting the replayability of a product. If the game is good, why not to play it once again? And if it’s good enough to give it a try, why not to replay some specific moment once again?

Opportunity to replay every level allows players to unlock every reward, see all challenges, try different ways of walkthrough, listen to dialogs once again and find all notes and other pieces of paper, revealing plot, which may be important for some products. In addition to it, this feature lets players to experience the most unforgettable moments of the game. Overall, there are many reasons why all chapters of a game must be unlocked after its full completion. There is no sense in restricting players, forcing them to return to the game once again from the very beginning. The biggest problem is that this feature is still unavailable for some games. For developers it’s easier to add this trait to a product and then receive positive feedback rather then not to do it.

Some developers implemented this option in the main menu (see Total Overdose, The Hong Kong Massacre, Hitman: Blood Money), some made it in a form of in-game screen (as it could be observed in Saints Row 2). Either way, it’s a good opportunity to entertain players and make sure that they can replay their favorite missions once again without a need to start a game anew.