Top three games that need a remake or remaster



Wet screenshot. Source: PlayStation official site. URL:

Wet was released in 2009 and was highly underestimated by the public. Game took the best traits from Robert Rodriguez’s movies, had amazing art and visual style, outstanding combat tricks, superb animations of combat scenes and of course very strong storyline. Wet told a story of a hired gun, who pursued different kind of villains throughout the game. Wet had many different locations, bright fights on cars during the chase (when the main character literally leaped from car to car), brutal combat scenes a ’la “Neo against agents from Matrix” and of course the game had slow motion in the best traditions of Max Payne and Total Overdose video games. In addition to it, it had bloody close combat scenes, when the heroine, equipped by a katana literally sliced her enemies apart and it had very brutal gunfight scenes, when the heroine armed with two huge pistols devastated basically the whole district. It was an amazing game, a mad mix between Max Payne, Total Overdose and Desperado movie. Developers from Klei Ent. did something similar when they released Shank, but Shank was a platformer, whereas Wet is the third-person shooter game, with close combat and shootouts, acrobatics, slow-motion and specific atmosphere of urban movies.

Wet as no other game deserves a remake or remaster. We hope that Bethesda will see this opportunity and will make the right choice.

Indiana Jones and the Emperor’s Tomb

Indiana Jones and the Emperor’s Tomb screenshot. Source: Steam official site. URL:

Long before Uncharted, long before the relaunch of Tomb Raider, LucasArts released a unique game about the famous archeologist, who is beloved by many fans across the world. If all previous games were point-and-click adventures, this one was an action adventure game, with fist combat, relentless enemies, exotic locations and of course the famous Indiana Jones’ whip, which was used more often than in any of his famous movies.

The story was absolutely different from what we saw in films, however, it was proper for the product. The game demonstrated everything that we love in action adventures long before we saw something similar in Uncharted. In-game Indiana Jones participated in fistfights as if he were Nathan Drake, jumped, leaped, dodged attacks, climbed and rolled as we used to see it in other products of this kind. The game was pretty decent for 2003 and it’s still playable, seventeen years after its release. Still, it desperately needs a remaster or remake. Then it will be able to compete with any of Uncharted games or with other products of this category.

Golden Axe III

Golden Axe III screenshot. Source: Steam official site. URL:

In short, it’s one of the best platformers from 1990s. Despite that it was released in 1993 year, it’s still playable, twenty seven years after the start of its sales. Golden Axe 3 has four playable characters, each with their own characteristics and magic schools (big rarity for that period of time), non-linear walkthrough and epic numerous boss fights. The game is still sold on Steam and everyone can try it here. It’s very hard to explain what’s special about this product, but it’s just captivating and very interesting to play; one of the best platformers of its kind, which just begs for the remake or remaster version of itself.

There are other games, which are needed to be revamped, however these three are the most welcomed ones as they have potential to be appealing for players.