The most important games of 2019.


The last time I wrote about the best games of 2018, I mentioned three products: Sea of Sieves, We Happy Few and The Dark Occult. Now it’s time to expand the narration and talk about the most important releases of 2019, without placing games in a certain priority or pointing two or three of them. This time I’ll talk about five major releases of 2019 year to give you an overview of why this year was spectacular and what was special about it.

Darksiders Genesis.

This franchise is special for many different reasons: exists for more than ten years, survived and outlived its creator – THQ, was a direct competitor to Sony PlayStation’s exclusive God of War, features really intensive boss fights and predetermined the evolution of the genre long before the Dark Souls was born. Now it’s merely a slasher game with a lot of fights, perks and different combat tricks. Darksiders Genesis was welcomed by the public because there is an absence of good action-adventure games with elements of fights and these who wanted to play something like Titan Quest or Grim Dawn found their relief in this action-adventure slasher game. It does not mean that Darksiders Genesis is very good by itself, but it’s good enough to give it a try. It’s a decent, very ferocious and fast-paced action game, which is enjoyable for everyone who loves games of this kind.

The Sinking City.

This is one of best games of 2019, yet many of people disregarded and did not understand it. There is nothing bad in it as a product, and although The Sinking City has some disadvantages, it’s better than majority of competitors on the market. The biggest problem is the dialogs: they are written for you and you don’t have many options and this forces you to choose between “being a bad guy and being not so bad guy”. The role of a hero who saves everything and everyone is not provided in this game, so if you want to feel yourself a superhero with superpowers, this is not the right product for you. Here you’re just an investigator, who tries to solve mysteries and riddles, but it’s impossible to be a good guy who saves everyone here. What’s more important, the game sometimes forces or asks you to make awful decisions, however considered the mental state of characters in this game this is understandable and not surprising. The developers tried to create an atmosphere of descending madness and they actually could do this, however the general perception of the product was flawed for certain players. Frogwares tried to mix different elements of different genres but the combat system was a way too simple and puzzles sometimes just a way too difficult. The game also had some technical issues with bystanders going here and there without a reason and disappearing behind the back of the protagonist, some problems with understanding of the interface and, what’s more important very disappointing endings. This says a lot about it. Due to a very good atmosphere, not bad storyline and interesting level design this product stands above all others of this kind and remains a prominent example of the genre. In short, it’s a must buy for all fans of adventure mystery-solving games and just a good purchase for everyone who loves investigations, dialogs and atmosphere of a grim, dark city. All disadvantages can’t ruin or spoil the experience, after all. Thanks to the good dialogs, non-linear choices and very good surroundings in certain areas The Sinking City makes a very good impression and, as it was said above, stands above all similar games due to a higher quality and better execution of the product. Add good voice acting of actors and free-to-roam locations and you’ll understand why it deserves to be called one of the best products of 2019 year, despite all flaws that it may have.

The Beast Inside.

This game is spectacular for many different reasons: it was in development for many years, was predicted to be cancelled or fall apart before the release, surprised everyone by outstanding level of graphic design and a very immersive atmosphere and turned out to be two absolutely different games, combined into one. Developers tried to please the customers and earn their trust by releasing thirty minutes demo version of the product, here you could see one location from the main game. As for The Beast Inside, it turned out to be a unique product: horrifying, grim, dark, stunning and very gruesome. Never before, you could see so much violence in such forms as were demonstrated in the game. It certainly was spectacular because people did not expect the developers to produce a product of such kind. In addition, it had an excellent voice acting of actors, who played so naturally that their dialogs and monologs sounded believable. This also added atmosphere and created a very good environment for a player. In short, it’s a horror adventure game with puzzles and different endings, controversial and very unusual. Not everyone makes games of this kind.


Draugen is a story of man and a woman who arrive at a remote house to find its owner – the sister of the main character. The plot is intriguing but the game is not. It’s a walking simulator with some logical puzzles and the only reason why this game is put onto this list is that it’s outstanding in that sense of the word that it’s made with passion and love. People skipped this game, but these who played said that it leaves positive impressions and somewhat mind-blowing because of the ending and the secret that is revealed at the end of it. Draugen utilizes the same approach to the storyline as Dear Ester and What remain of Edith Finch – if you like these two games, you will probably like Draugen as well.

The Occupation.

The Occupation was awaited by many fans across the world. It’s one of a very few games where time is relevant – in fact it’s limited in this game and you have to count it, planning your actions. It’s a storyline driven adventure stealth video game, which is more about deceiving, lying and pretending rather than sneaking and crouching behind your opponent’s back. It’s very hard to describe The Occupation but games of this genre must exist – without excessive violence, without triggers, without the same dialogs. This new approach to storytelling will define the shape of adventure games in the future that is why The Occupation is important and must be interesting for everyone who is enthusiastic about the future of video games and the industry.

Among some other products that need to be mentioned are Outer Worlds, Rage 2, Borderlands 3, Apex Legends – all of them are of a very high quality and deserve praise and success. The Hong Kong Massacre, Fade to Silence are also needed to be described in full, with all of their advantages and disadvantages. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, They Are Billions, Metro Exodus – all of them require in-depth reviews, which would make this article an excessively long. That’s why only five games were outlined – with exceptional storytelling, unique design or some unforgettable moments. They are the most important for the industry from all games released in 2019 year because of their novelty, some unique features or general impression that they have and this also means a lot.

In conclusion, 2019 year was a good year for video games industry but 2020 year promises to become even better one, so stay connected, follow mass media. 2020 year will have many surprises for you.