Don’t listen to critics: your customers are your client base.


Many years ago, I watched Terminator 3: Rise of machines and Bad Boys II for the first time in my life. Of course, I was impressed. Both movies were outstanding. I liked the plot of both movies, the charisma of Arnold Schwarzenegger, good actor’s play of all participants of two blockbusters. I liked these famous one-liners from Bad Boys II and even small minor details – decorations of rooms, lighting effects – everything that created the atmosphere. Later, I discovered Metacritic and was surprised and even slightly taken aback by the low rating of these products.

Currently at the moment, Bad Boys II and Terminator 3 have very low scores – 38 and 66 retrospectively and if you checked the last movie starring Will Smith – Gemini Man – you probably know that it was rated poorly too – only 38 out of 100, which is not so good, considering all advantages and selling points of this product. Certainly, some of these critics are right and there is even a rule – “don’t criticize these who criticize or they’ll criticize you too”. However, the general picture is not so pleasant. In search of sensation, some of the critics just cross the line and publish things that don’t even make much sense. Just read negative reviews on Bad Boys II and ask yourself “what’s wrong with this movie and why do they criticize it?”. It’s easy to put it down but if you look at the details, you’ll see that it’s actually nicely done: plot is unordinary, humor is suitable to the genre, shootings are very well made, action scenes are mixed with investigations and are very well stretched across the whole narration. Basically, all complains are not understandable: people say that the movie has an excessive amount of explosions, but what did you expect from an action movie, a ballet or what?

The same is true for Gemini Man. You got a storyline, which was not much used for the last couple of years, can see good actor’s play, some stunt tricks, non-trivial explanation of events and some decent quality from a production team: the sound editor, camera operator, specialist in lighting effects did their job right and you can’t have many complains to a technical state of the movie. So, why do people write some of all of these reviews?

If these were just haters, it could be understandable. However, the movie was rated poorly among professional movie critics too and that’s a problem. Some people liked it, some did not, however to look at the box office and judge the popularity based on the amount of viewers of the movie would be a bad idea, because you even don’t know how many of these who watched the original film will want to watch the sequel. This means that if you want to determine another index of popularity, reviews play very important role here. However, since it was noted that movie critics just bashed the product, it would be naturally to expect the cancellation of development of sequel(s) – only because the critics poorly accepted the original Gemini Man.

This leads to simple conclusion: the voice of a very few people can overweight the opinion of masses. Some people who like the lowly scored movies don’t write reviews. For instance, I watched Bad Boys II many times in my life and of course, I liked it a lot. However, I did not add the review to Metacritic and my opinion was not counted – this means that there are plenty of people who bought, watched and enjoyed products, but they did not voice their opinion on them, so basically they don’t exist for market researchers who will try to evaluate success solely based on public internet opinions. Practice tells that happy people rarely leave positive reviews – this means that these who would watch the continuation of the cycle are not counted because they did not express their opinion and their silence affects the decision about the development of the another product in the line. Some critics may demolish the image of the movie in the eyes of potential investors and bosses of corporations but the bottom line is that it’s the public that pays money not critics (who often receive pre-release copies for free) and opinion of these who actually paid is needed to be heard because they already paid for the product and it’s important to know if they are to pay once again in the future or not. This sounds very harsh but it’s harsher to realize that critics can ruin the future of a good and promising franchise. Any opinion is welcomed but these who already paid is the target audience and their opinion is relevant and is the also important because they already paid and to hold them is a task for any product manager of any business corporation.

Look at positive comments for Bad Boys for Life – this what people are waiting for. Critics will criticize it once again but the public stays. They already watched the previous two parts – why not to buy the ticket for the third one? No low rating on Metacritic, even that one (38/100) can affect their decision to see Martin Lawrence and Will Smith once again. Critics, do you say? What critics? People are heading to the cinema!