Underrated franchises, which could be utilized properly.



Many people dreamed of MMO RPG created in the world of this famous role-playing game, however they were disappointed after the release of Fallout 76, which was more single-player game with a multiplayer rather than a full massive online video game. Fallout is still a popular franchise but it’s not used in the right manner: you don’t see merchandise with logo of post-nuclear world, don’t hear that famous soundtrack too often, don’t watch Fallout movies or TV serials and don’t read comics or adventure books, whereas all of these elements could bring some profit.

Fallout is the most underrated from commercial point of view franchise. Look at Disney and Lucas Arts and at how they managed to get maximum profit from Star Wars franchise. Look at these items sold everywhere. Recall how much money they earned from the last episode demonstrated in cinema. Fallout could do the same. The original game could be turned into a movie, the following episodes – into additional parts.

Merchandise like Pip-boy could be sold everywhere, bags, flashlights and Nuka-cola in some stores too. Everything about Fallout could be commercialized to that extent where a company, owning the rights, could manage to earn millions of dollars every year. We still wait for the full MMO RPG game like World of Warcraft, TV-serial and other things like. Will we see them or not – this is another question to Bethesda (and Zenimax).


Another underused franchise, which could be popularized through different kind of merchandise. Canned meat, vodka, knife with S.T.A.L.K.E.R. logo could bring an additional profit to the trademark owner. TV-series could earn some money. As for the books, they were released many years ago, but never were popular, although did not fail in sales either. S.T.A.L.K.E.R. is another underrated franchise, which could bring some money, especially now. It deserves a movie, comics, fan-books with arts and other types of products like that.


Nowadays no one remembers it, but in early 90s, Guyver was one of the most popular franchises ever. It featured almost immortal indestructible hero, which was more powerful that Batman, Superman and Spider-man took all together. Guyver had crushing power, fast as lightning reaction, and stone-like endurance. Because of this Guyver was beloved by fans all across the world. Now this character needs more recognition. A movie, comics, or a game would be desirable. A lot of people watched the last movie back in 90s and fell in love with franchise so deeply that they still, 22 years after it, wait for the release of the third part. Is not this a sign of devotion?


Matrix potentially can earn millions of dollars every year. The subject is so attractive for people that they still wait for another game, movie, cartoon or comics series. To strange coincidence, Warner Bros. owns not only the Matrix franchise but also Rocksteady Studios – one of the best developers of video games. For Warner Bros. it would be profitable to create another Matrix game and Rocksteady is the only developers who could do this job flawlessly – their Batman trilogy was so good that they deserve the right to create another game of this kind, set in the world of Matrix.

Warner Bros. could also produce a TV series in addition to upcoming movie, they could release a board game or some merchandise with the logo. It would bring them additional profits. As for us, we believe that Warner Bros. realizes this opportunity and one day will let Rocksteady to design a game in the Matrix setting, which would be as awesome as once Batman: Arkham Knight was.


This game certainly needs more attention. A board game, MMO RPG or a movie would be welcomed by many fans across the world. BioShock setting is perfect for a movie or TV series and would allow to tell the story for these who did not play the original video game. MMO RPG would make a breakthrough in the genre: with its plasmids, tonics and guns it could create an awesome setting and would have very balanced roleplay system where players would progress by gaining adam from fallen enemies. MMO RPG would revive the franchise and prepare fans for the next installment in series. It’s hard to believe that the franchise is abandoned considering the commercial success of the previous part – this means that BioShock is another franchise, which waits for its renewal – its only matter of time when publisher realizes the potential of the game and the best way to utilize it this way so as to receive as much money as possible.