Bioshock Infinite review


Bioshock Infinite was released in 2013 and became one of the most popular and successful games of its period of time. Indirect sequel to Bioshock won many awards and left positive impressions on many players across the world.

How does the game look now? Has it aged well or you shouldn’t touch it now? Is it still playable, six years after its release? Let’s find out.

Bioshock Infinite starts very promising: the main character Booker DeWitt finds himself in the boat on its way to the lighthouse. Booker is given a chance to pay off his debts by bringing a girl, whom he needs to find somewhere. As he enters the lighthouse, he soon discovers a strange capsule, which transports him directly to Columbia – the city floating in the sky.

Columbia looks amazing but has very serious problems of that period of time (the game events take place in 1912). Segregation, spread of violence, the fight between rebels and the ruling forces of Columbia – all of this drags the main character into the conflict. Initially unarmed he gets access to the sky-hook, which is able to break necks and later obtains different types of weapons, including pistol and machine gun. Even before the main events start, he finds a tonic known as one of Vigors and uses it to learn how to gain temporary control over enemies. With this support he needs to find the girl named Elizabeth – here the main action starts.

The game looks brilliant nowadays, even on the medium settings it surprises and captures imagination. The graphics are indeed amazing even today and although you sometimes pay attention to certain models, which would require more polygons it does not change the picture: just look at screenshots. It’s just superb.

Not only graphics but also level design makes very pleasant impression and makes you wander across the streets when you go not exactly where you need to but just in opposite direction because you want to learn what’s behind that corner and what’s hidden behind that door.

Speaking of doors, they can be locked but eventually you’ll be able to open them with the help of Elizabeth with whom you will reunite later in the game. Half of it you’ll spend with her, half without and these moments will be the bitter part of the game because Elizabeth is a very interesting character and dialogs with her is the most enjoyable part of the game. Not one and not two times you’ll catch yourself on a thought that without these gunfights and these shootouts the game would be much better – just walk on the streets, talk with Elizabeth and admire the beauty of the city – the game could easily become the best walking simulator of its kind.

Instead it’s an action-adventure game with emphasis on combat. You’ll have to combine the power of weapons and local tonics known as Vigor to go through the army of your enemies including not only humans but also robots and machines. The game made a huge step forward in comparison with Bioshock – you don’t need to fight heavy-armored enemies like Big Daddies. In opposite all of the enemies can easily be defeated and you won’t have problems with that.

Elizabeth will help you one way or another. She’ll bring you salts to replenish local equivalent of mana, med kits to restore health bar, ammos and even weapons – oh and she can summon machines including the flying ones known there as mosquitoes, which will help you in combat a lot. Still, half of the way you’ll have to spend on your own – upgrade of weapons and tonics will substitute her presence on the battlefield.

Each weapon can be upgraded four times and each tonic twice. In addition to it, you’ll have elements of clothes – gears – that have passive effect on the surroundings and can be really helpful in many situations.

The game offers variance. These who love short-ranged combat will stick to shotgun, these who love to fight from distance – sniper rifle. Some weapons overlay others, but some are unique and are irreplaceable.

Local tonics (vigors) are not necessary to use. You may resort to them to stun enemies, push them away, confront them immediately or distract them from shooting. The game does not force you to choose the single path – you can complete it by many different ways. With that story choices are made for you.

The story is very long, rich and complicated. There is no surprise that people called Elizabeth the best-scripted female character of video games – just read the forums and hear the reviews. What makes Elizabeth different from other characters of video games is that she is portrayed as an alive person. You may even fall in love with her or her personal traits presented in the game, be warned of that. Storyline is indeed very complicated but eventually you’ll realize its meaning and will be disappointed. Just wait for post-credit scene to see the true ending because it’s actually worth it.

To sum up, Bioshock Infinite is a very good game. It does not leave strong fond memories, does not have anything spectacular that would allow you to remember it for years, but this is the game which poses questions and plays with time travel in that way that it can indeed change your perception of the world. It’s wonderful in terms of storyline, has very rich and solid gameplay, but the only thing that you’ll remember at the end, after its completion is the face of Elizabeth. This character is indeed is perceived as living being. All other things are simply not important.

Bioshock Infinite is exactly this kind of game where storyline matters the most important role. As an action adventure game it’s good, as an adventure game it’s priceless. You’ll be rethinking the storyline many times, however it won’t cause the feeling of euphoria – in opposite it may leave you questioning the world. If you are looking for a good action-adventure game with strong storyline, Bioshock Infinite is the right choice for you. Six years after its release it still looks as good as if it was released yesterday. This also matters a lot. The only thing that you need to know about it is that it’s so comfortable to play it that you’ll never be disappointed by the gameplay, so if you’re looking for a good action-adventure game, Bioshock Infinite may be exactly the product that you’re looking for.