Should you buy video games at a discount?


Many people are tempted by the opportunity to buy something at lower cost. No matter what we talk about, it’s always pleasant to get a discount. However, we sometimes don’t use goods bought at a reduced price and they lie on our shelves collecting dust. This is also true for video games – not everyone plays what they bought, sometimes a person may have tens of different products, which they did not launch or download.

This certainly is an issue as your money is wasted and you sometimes regret that you bought something that you can’t return to a store. Steam refund policy allows you to return money only for these games that you played less than two hours and bought within two weeks time frame. As a result, if you bought a collection of games during a sale period you may find yourself in a situation where you no longer need them or want to play. Steam sales are always attractive but you need to answer the question “how many games from all games that you own have you actually played in your life?” to see that this behavior is illogical.

When you buy box versions of video games, you can always sell them at second-hand store. Steam games are not tradable.  Games released on DVD discs are always yours; Steam games are tied to your Steam account and sometimes are locked to regions. There are plenty of other reasons but the truth is that you need to buy products carefully, only these items that you need. Otherwise, you may find yourself with little or no money and a huge library of video games that you actually don’t need.

Sales are not necessary bad but they make a little sense. If you believe that the game is good, you’ll buy it at a full price to contribute to the growth of the manufacturer’s incomes and thank them for their product. You buy only these games during the sale period in which quality you’re not sure or games that you don’t want to play but rather want to try them out to see if they worth praises and positive reviews – just out of the curiosity. It’s actually very hard to explain the psychology of buyers who buy everything only at a discount but it’s obvious that if you need anything you can purchase it every time whenever you need it, without waiting for the sale period.

Buying everything at a discount may be a bad habit. Following the desire to save some money you can actually spend more than usual. That’s why you need to buy only these items that you actually need and only if you’re sure in their quality. Buying unknown products may be risky – if their quality is worse than expected, you won’t be able to refund them unless you’ll do it in a timely manner. The school of life teaches us lessons and one of them is to be thrifty. However, it does not mean that you should buy everything in advance only because you see these items at lower cost. You should buy only these video games during sale period that you need or may need in the future and only when you’re confident in their quality.