Should video games have achievements and if they should, then why?


The answer is certainly positive and there are several reasons for this:

  1. Achievements motivate to progress in the game further, inspire players to unlock every chapter and part of the game.
  2. Achievements allow to identify a person’s traits, see their needs and traits of behavior. Looking at your board of achievements you can judge yourself what the person you are.
  3. Achievements boost self-esteem, give a feeling of conquering new heights, give people a false meaning of life, which sometimes may be necessary for them.
  4. Achievements motive to explore a game in full and try all of its features, which may increase its value for a customer.
  5. Achievements are needed to show the game’s potential; their description on a store’s page serves as an additional free advertisement.
It’s actually quite easy to receive Predator achievement in Alekhine’s gun

For these reasons they must be in almost every product, however should be treated carefully.

A lot of players are annoyed by extremely hard-to-get achievements, which could be unlocked after many tries mostly. A lot of players heavily dislike hidden or senseless achievements, which are useless and don’t indicate anything. People dislike when a game is turned into “achievements unlocker”, when there are so many of them that you see them every three or five minutes.

Achievements are not needed for games of several genres. Tastes are different but an achievement must be something to achieve, not some token of gratitude from developers, like “here you go, take it, thank you for playing our game”. To complete a level without alerts for a stealth-game, to defeat enemies by units of one type for a real time strategy, to complete a level without using superpowers for an action-adventure game – these are good examples of achievements.

Probably everyone got this famous achievement from Hitman:Absolution

To complete a level in a time limit, to use only one weapon during the whole game, to kill enormous amount of enemies, higher than needed to finish the game – these are bad examples of achievements. To unlock a gear, spend a certain amount of resources, to complete a level – these are neutral examples.

You can earn trophies in Life is strange by taking optional photos or finishing episodes

Good achievements can improve experience from playing even a mediocre game, bad ones – to spoil it. Some games should not have achievements at all.