The best games of 2018 year.


If you started to play video games only recently and don’t know what to choose, if you were too busy during the last year and skipped some of releases because of that, if you ever wondered which games impressed me the most, here is a quick list of the best games of 2018 (in my opinion, of course).

Sea of thieves

Sea of thieves is amazing all way around, no matter how you look at it. It has unique gameplay, notable and very memorable features, good teammate support, comfortable and responsive controls, very flexible settings (which allow you to run it even on a low-end PC), beautiful landscape, very good graphics overall and casual attitude to surrounding things.

It’s one of a very few games, which can be recommended to teenagers and its Teen ESRB rating confirms it. While this game is violent, it’s still more family-friendly for me rather than majority of games of this kind, which are extremely popular among children nowadays.

Sea of Thieves is amazing because it’s company-friendly. If you have two or three buddies, who are located in different parts of the country, you can join each other in this wonderful game. For what I like Sea of Thieves is for actual freedom of your activities. You can explore the ocean, spend time in a camp or in a city’s tavern, search for treasures, battle with skeletons, hunt a giant kraken. It’s one of a very few games where you indeed can lost yourself as it gives you everything you wanted to find here. It’s fun, casual and therefore not serious, it’s one of these games where you can just hang out with your friends or spend time listening to local music.

Sea of thieves for me is the best substitute for World of Warcraft. It’s amazing free-to-roam game where you can endlessly complete the same quests and it does not turn the game into a routine. It’s exactly the same game as World of Warcraft in terms of enjoyment coming from exploration of the world. These sea sceneries are charming and always freshly looking. Sea of thieves is exactly that kind of game where you can relax and choose activities fitting your mood.

Critics will say that the game is dull, boring and repetitive but I don’t think so. Certainly, it has some weak points but it’s still one of three best games of 2018 and this is exactly everything you need to know about it.

The Dark Occult (the former The Conjuring House)

None of the trailers can describe what the Dark Occult is. In short, it’s one of the best games of 2018 and one of a very few games which you wouldn’t want to play in the dark. It’s a fantastic horror adventure game with elements of exploration and puzzles. It’s storyline-driven adventure game, where you rarely feel yourself safe, where something always happens, no matter if you want it or not.

It’s a game full of tension and attention to small details. It’s a horror where the spirit of the witch lurks in shadows and pursuits you through the whole game. The Dark Occult features amazing and very realistic graphic design, very good voicing of the main character and the monsters, good sounds of surroundings and has very difficult to solve puzzle which not everyone will understand. Because of this the Dark Occult combines elements of desperate running with unhurried roaming around the manor, which has a basement, two floors and an attic.

The game lasts for twelve-fourteen hours. Some people will need twenty hours to complete it. Due to this and due to very good execution of its elements The Dark Occult is one the best games of 2018. To charge 14.99$ for this game is to make a gift to a customer. Having the quality of AAA-products The Dark Occult costs much less than they do. As a result, it’s a very good game overall with such a small price tag, considering the product’s quality, which can be recommended to all fans of horror-adventure games.

We happy few

We happy few has a large, vivid world, different factions, different characters with unique patterns of behavior. It tells a story of a totalitarian world. The main traits of the RPG genre are still here: you can scavenge, search for loot, fight, survive, take care of yourself, run after all. The game is very interesting to play as it shows you the reaction of NPC and checks your endurance and stamina – will you survive in this harsh world or not?

Different perks and different traits make each completion of the game unique. You can complete each level by many different ways. Because of this We happy few reminds of Half-life 2; there you can also use different types of weapons and various tactics to pass through a mission by a new way. Variety is what that makes the game good, that is why it can be recommended to these who like open world survival games with a low difficulty.

Note: this article is a reworked version of previously published article, which was deleted from the site only to be uploaded once again in a new look.