Community guidelines


We have our own community guidelines. If you want to participate in discussions on our site, you need to abide by the community guidelines. By publishing any information on our site you agree that you read and understood the following community guidelines and will abide by them.

The discussions are open for everyone. To start or participate in one you need to have an active Disqus account. In order to use it, you need to accept their privacy policy, rules and regulations, which can be found on their site.

We welcome constructive criticism and discussion of our articles.

There are some things that are not allowed on our site. Here is a list of them:

  • impersonation (pretending someone who is not actually you are)
  • stalking
  • harassment
  • strong and offensive language
  • publishing of private information
  • talking on religious subjects (all religious discussions are strictly forbidden)
  • off-topic discussion
  • publishing inappropriate content that offends people or breaks a law
  • posting adult content
  • use of language other than English language
  • political discussions
  • threats, rude behavior
  • posting spam (unsolicited content)
  • avoiding bans by creating new accounts
  • cross-posting (don’t post the same thing multiple times in many different threads)
  • name calling, ad hominem attacks.

Commentaries, breaking these guidelines will be deleted; users repeatedly breaking the rules – banned for indefinite period of time (may be permanently – the term depends on the severity of the violation). If you don’t want to be banned, just be nice, helpful and have a productive discussion. Pay special attention to talks on religious and political subjects – even if someone does not think that a discussion may belong to politics or religion, others may think otherwise, so refrain from posting the content if you’re not sure whether it breaks the rules or not.

Users breaking the law will be reported and permanently banned. Impersonation, stalking, publishing of private information, posting adult content, threats, avoiding bans, name calling and ad hominem attacks will result in a permanent ban. Harassment, strong and offensive language, rude behavior, posting spam, cross-posting is punished by a temporary ban, which may be turned into permanent ban, if the violation appears again. Talks on religious subjects, off-topic discussion, messages, using language other than English language and political discussions will simply be deleted, constant talks of political, religious, off-topic nature and permanent use of a language other than English language will result in a permanent ban. Publishing inappropriate content will be examined individually each time.

In short, don’t break the laws, be nice and polite and everything will be ok. We expect you to report problematic persons by flagging their messages. This is not necessary but will help us a lot. If you have any questions, you can always contact us sending a message to the e-mail listed at the bottom of this page.